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Beman Dawes

"Martin" <[hidden email]> wrote in message
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> 4. A suggestion is to overload exists, is_directory etc for status flags
> ....

Status flags has morphed into a full-fledged file_status class, and, as you
suggested, exists, is_directory, etc. have been overloaded.

This makes user code much more readable and is much less error-prone, IMO.
Thanks for the suggestion!

> 3. The documentation doesn't say how other_flag is supposed to work.

The docs now say:

    bool is_other(file_status s);

        Returns: return exists(s) && !is_regular(s) && !is_directory(s) &&

> If an implementation adds more flags, will other_flag be set for these?

No. I'll update the docs to make that clear.



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