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Thanks for both (including spotting the gratuitous colon ;-( )

Obviously I should be using the cxxstd method (avoiding the confusing C++ Std
syntax difference between MS and *nix) and I have done that successfully both

Finally I have compiled, linked and run my example using 5 compilers, 4 C++
standard versions, debug and release, 32 and 64-bit  in one run


But if you want to sell B2, I feel very strongly you have do very much better on

You can never, ever have too many examples, especially with a bizarre syntax
like bjam, growded-like-topsy B2,  and how-not-to-do-it syntaxes of the build

Thanks again for all your work on this powerful tool and all the help to me.


PS Reminds me what a disaster the use of track 8 as a parity bit on paper tape
was - with that extra bit we could/would/should have had more symbols in the
character set to make syntaxes simpler and better.  

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