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Vladimir Prus
On Thursday 12 January 2006 15:38, Phillip Seaver wrote:

> >Remember: treat locating a project like locating a directory.
> Actually, "use-project" takes an id and directory, so "./$(d)" would use
> "./a" as the project id of the sub-directory "a".  I always have to look
> up the order.  :-)
> Anyway, it turns out that the problem may be with the "[ path.glob * :
> Jamfile ]" part.  When I run bjam in the same directory as the Jamfile
> containing that code, it finds the sub-directories with Jamfile's in
> them.  If I run it in one of the child directories, path.glob returns
> nothing.  Is something broken in "path.glob"?  It looks to me like it's
> using the current directory instead of the directory the Jamfile is in.

In Jamfiles, it's much better to use the 'glob' rule (not 'path.glob'). For

  subdirs = [ glob */Jamfile ] ;

This 'glob' surely works relatively to Jamfile where it's used, while
path.glob works relatively to the current dir and knows nothing about current

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