QxOrm 1.4.1 released : new documentation (user guide), and boost::serialization becomes optional

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QxOrm 1.4.1 released : new documentation (user guide), and boost::serialization becomes optional

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QxOrm 1.4.1 just released !

Changes in version QxOrm 1.4.1 :
!!! IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS VERSION !!! : it is strongly recommended to read the QxOrm.pri configuration file of this new version (compilation options have changed compared to previous versions).
Now, by default, QxOrm library is a much lighter library : QxOrm depends only on QtCore and QtSql (boost serialization is now optional and not required by default).
By default, serialization engine is now based on Qt QDataStream class (but you can still enable boost serialization defining _QX_ENABLE_BOOST_SERIALIZATION compilation option in QxOrm.pri configuration file).
So now, with default options :

 - QxOrm 1.4.1 is much easier to install because you don't have to deal with boost serialization extra dependency ;
 - QxOrm 1.4.1 shared library is 3X smaller than 1.3.2 version ;
 - Generated binaries which depends on QxOrm library are 25% smaller ;
 - If you are not using serialization functions in current projects based on QxOrm library, then you can define or not _QX_ENABLE_BOOST_SERIALIZATION compilation option without changing any line of your source code.

Here are all other changes of version QxOrm 1.4.1 :

 - Improve relationships engine : possibility to select columns to fetch using syntax : my_relation { col_1, col_2, etc... } ;
 - Improve QxTraits module to reduce compilation times and build smaller binaries ;
 - Improve QxOrm website adding possibility to search and replacing the old FAQ by a more organized manual (user guide) ;
 - New compilation option _QX_ENABLE_BOOST_SERIALIZATION to enable boost serialization dependency (read QxOrm.pri configuration file for more details) ;
 - New compilation option _QX_ENABLE_QT_NETWORK to enable QxService module (transfer persistent layer over network) : read QxOrm.pri configuration file for more details ;
 - New compilation option _QX_NO_RTTI to build QxOrm library without C++ RTTI type information ;
 - Support QDataStream Qt serialization engine (used by default when _QX_ENABLE_BOOST_SERIALIZATION compilation option is not defined) ;
 - Improve qx_query class (SQL queries) : new method (named customOperator()) which gives the possibility to define a custom operator (for example <@ for PostgreSQL ltree type) ;
 - Fix a program startup issue due to 'static initialization order fiasco' creating singletons (it was an issue with some compilers during the shared library link process) ;
 - New namespace qx::dao::throwable : same functions as qx::dao namespace, but they throw a qx::dao::sql_error exception when a SQL error occurred (instead of returning a QSqlError instance) ;
 - Add a qAssertMsg() macro to put a more explicit error message when throwing an assertion ;
 - Include all *.inl files (template implementation) in QxOrm.pro project file : QtCreator can now index these *.inl files in its project treeview ;
 - Rename QxStringCvt to QxConvert : so if you persist custom types to database, you have to rename from QxStringCvt_FromVariant, QxStringCvt_ToVariant to QxConvert_FromVariant, QxConvert_ToVariant.

You can download latest version of QxOrm library and QxEntityEditor application on QxOrm website.


Lionel Marty - QxOrm library

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