Problems with latest luabind CVS

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Problems with latest luabind CVS

Tomas Puverle
There are a few problems with luabind::detail::push_args_from_tuple<>.

1)  The null_type overloads for apply() both have a spurious semicolon at the
end of the empty function definition.  This breaks the compile on the Sun
Studio compilers.

2)  luabind/detail/call_function.hpp depends on push_args_from_tuple<>.  I
would like to be able to only include luabind/function.hpp (which in turn
includes call_function.hpp) to cut down on my compile times but at the moment
I am also forced to include luabind/object.hpp because the header is not self
contained.  Would it be possible to move push_args_from_tuple into a separate
header which gets included in both locations?

Thanks a lot!


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