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Pion Network Library 0.5.4

Michael Dickey-2
In conjunction with the first alpha release of our Pion CEP Platform,  
Atomic Labs is happy to announce a new release (v0.5.4) of the Pion  
Network Library, an active, fully-functional and Boost-licensed HTTP  
1.0/1.1 client/server library built on top of asio.

This new release contains several enhancements, including the ability  
to define alternative thread management and work scheduling for each  
server instance (PionScheduler is no longer a singleton), and the  
ability to bind any function object (or function if you use  
boost::bind) to an HTTP resource (the use of WebService plugins is now  
optional). We've also added a std::basic_iostream wrapper for  
TCPConnection objects called TCPStream.

In addition, we fixed several bugs that were identified within the  
last (v0.5.2) release, including issues with parsing chunked entity  
content, and with parsing responses that include neither "Content-
Length" nor "Transfer-Encoding" HTTP headers. Also, the HTTPRequest  
and HTTPResponse objects now sort HTTP headers using a case-
insensitive map, so lookups should now work properly regardless of the  
capitalization used (if any).

Although we have several new things planned for the next few months  
(such as adding support for user authentication), the networking  
library is now mostly stabilized and ready for general use.

The Pion CEP Platform is open source software, published under the GNU  
Affero GPL license. The platform is a real-time event processing  
engine that is designed to be extremely extensible through the use  
plugins. Plugins can be developed to provide specialized data  
processing logic, web services, and to enable support for different  
data encoding formats and databases.

You can learn more and download releases at http://www.pion.org

Take care,

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