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Performance TR project uploaded to Vault

Pedro Lamarão
I've put together the five benchmarks from Appendix D of the Performance
TR as a Boost.Build v2 project. The URL is:

("Performance TR" directory in the Vault.)

* Boost.Build v2 project with a batch runner for NT
* test results as output by run.bat
            for these versions: 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0express

The project archive doesn't contain Boost.Build; just a Jamroot and five
Jamfiles. You must set BOOST_BUILD_PATH and have bjam in your PATH.

For information on how to configure Boost.Build v2 refer to this link:

I'll soon post some results for some versions of g++.

Pedro Lamarão

Intersix Technologies S.A.
SP: (55 11 3803-9300)
RJ: (55 21 3852-3240)

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