Name clashes, including "<deduced-architecture>"

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Name clashes, including "<deduced-architecture>"

Phillip Seaver
I recently updated from boost 1.57 to 1.63, and I now get this on Linux
for one of the libraries I build:

> error: Tried to build the target twice, with property sets having
> error: these incompatible properties:
> error:
> error:     -  <library>object(file-target)@14110 <warnings>on
> error:     -  <architecture>x86 <deduced-address-model>64
> <deduced-architecture>x86 <library>object(file-target)@6084 <warnings>all
If I build from that project's directory, it works fine.  The problem
comes in when referencing that project from another in another
directory.  The problem project doesn't use boost, while the other
does.  I suspect that's why it builds fine by itself but fails when
being used by a boost-using project.

I have boost as part of my tree, rather than compiling and installing it



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