Math Toolkit Distribution Explorer - Windows program now available for download from SourceForge

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Math Toolkit Distribution Explorer - Windows program now available for download from SourceForge

Although the source is included in the Math Toolkit in Boost release, it may be helpful to know that a pre-built package is now
available for download from Sourceforge, so I trust it is in order to announce it here. Distribution Explorer is a mixed C++ and C# application that allows you to explore the
properties of various statistical distributions, and calculate the Cumulative Distribution Function CDF, Probability distribution
Function PDF, or quantiles/percentiles.

Written using open-source C++ from the Boost Math Toolkit library.

Some sample screenshots are available which will allow to you to decide if it will cover the statistical distribution you are
interested in.

There are no pretty pictures :-(

but the numbers are rather accurate :-)

Download Instructions

The Distribution Explorer is distributed as a single Windows Installer package Setupdistex.msi zipped to Download
this file and unzip to a temporary location of your choice, for example your desktop, and run setupdistex.msi.

This will install a program executable, boost_math.dll and an icon to your Program files/Boost/Distex/ folder (unless you chose
another location) and add a shortcut to your Start, Programs menu. If you are updating, you must remove the previous version first
using Control Panel. Add/Remove programs.

(Note that Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and VCredist are requirements for this program. Most recent and updated Windows environments
will already have these, but they are quickly, easily and safely installed from the Microsoft site if required.)



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