Maintenance of boostorg on AppVeyor

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Maintenance of boostorg on AppVeyor

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I found [1] there is boostorg account on AppVeyor

There seem to be no sites/URLs per GitHub repo, eg.

I'm unclear how this is setup, but boostorg/boost seems to be
a sink for all boostorg repos on GitHub.

What is the purpose of this AppVeyor boostorg account?

Can library maintainers have access to this account
and use to build their library repo?

If yes, where can I request to set-up AppVeyor roles [2] for
Boost.GIL maintainers, so they can cancel/re-run builds?

Or, is it that typically maintainers are supposed to create sparate
account for builds a library,  eg.

Isn't such duplication of builds a waste of resources?


Best regards,
Mateusz Loskot,

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