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[JOB OFFER] - Engineer/Post-doctoral Fellow Position at University Paris XI

Joel Falcou-3
While hoping it is not spam. As the job offer ma include large use of
boost library, I post this here for anyone that may be interested.
Don't hesitate to forward this to whoever you want.

The PARALL team at LRI is looking for a qualified post-doctoral
researcher or computer science engineer
with experience in C++ and GPU Programming to take part in a DIGITEO
research project.

After a phase of bibliography and state of the art analysis, the
recruited fellow will participate to
the design and implementation of a semi-automatic parallelization
tools[1] for linear algebra code over
NVIDIA GPUs using code generation technique like template
meta-programing and/or multi-stage programming in C++.
This tool will then be inserted into the NT2 project[2] and will be used
to develop X-ray based non-destructive
control applications in collaboration with CEA-LIST.

Applications should contain resume and motivation letter.

Position available starting september or october 2009
Workplace : LRI, Université Paris Sud - Orsay, France
Duration : 24 months
Salary before taxes : 2 862 euros/month, 34 344euros/year

Compétences :
- required : C++, CUDA, parallel programming
- optional : first experience with Matlab and/or BOOST libraries,
meta-programming notions

Contact :
Joel FALCOU, Assistant professor
- E-mail : [hidden email]
- Téléphone : (+33) 1 69 15 66 35

References :
[1] Meta-programming Applied to Automatic SMP Parallelization of Linear
Algebra Code - J. Falcou, J. Serot, L. Pech, J-T. Lapreste in
Proceedings of EuroPar 208, p. 729-738.
[2] Project NT2 : http://nt2.sourceforge.net
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