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I was searching the net back and forth but did not found any valuable track to start. I would like to create some sort of installer for boost. 

Im on arm64 and Ubuntu 18.04 (I cannot upgrade) and I would need to use 1.74 version or higher.

I would need to install the library on multiple Nvidia Jetson Nanos, so compiling the sources on every single is not feasible because of the time it requires.

My plan was to compile the library once and transfer the built artifacts only, but I did not find the proper way to do this. I already found the bcp utility but for my usecase a simpler / "dumber" approach would be suffice where I would copy over all of the built binaries not jut the specific ones.

Do you have any suggestions how can I create a package or something that would make me able to install the library with simple copy like commands?



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