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[Improving Boost Docs] Help Request, Quickbook as a WikiProcessor for our Trac

Matias Capeletto
Note: This message is part of a series of "Help request" posts. We
need cool guys to help us in the docs project. There are some
interesting task that may be done by one or two folks, and that will
really help that this project comes up well. There are no time frames,
just a bunch of people with different paces working together to make
boost docs better. I am sending this message to the boost devel list
to reach more hands. If you are interested (please be!) move further
discussion to the boost-docs list. Thanks!


While making the wiki page for the project I have used the standard
trac wiki style and rst for tables. It will be excellent if I could
write directly in Quickbook syntax.
This would allow us to have an uniform syntax in our wiki and docs
sources, allowing to copy and paste, share stylesheets, etc.

An example of the use will be:


[heading Quickbook Rocks!]


[[Feature              ][Purpose                                   ]]

[[Templates            ][Extensibility and constants               ]]
[[Code import          ][Code consistency, callouts and reuse      ]]
[[Wiki style formatting ][High signal to noise ratio in source code ]]
[[Internal links       ][Easy to use inter-doc anchors             ]]
[[Syntax Highlighting  ][Both in code blocks and in `inline code`  ]]


We are very lucky to be in the Trac wave! It is just an amazing system.
I have made some research and we need two things:

(1) The completion of the quickbook html backend ( Rene Rivera is doing it )
(2) A Trac WikiProcessor[1] written in Python that integrates Rene
works in the Trac Wiki.

The objective of the project will be to complete the second point.
Rene could then use it to test his work and we will have a *very* good
reason to finished the backend.

A second task will be to look into the Trac Processor Bazaar[2] to
investigate what things may be useful for us. (Take a look at [3],[4]
and [5], man, I love Trac)

We could really use your help! If you are interested, jump in and join
our crowd.

Best regards

Useful Information:
[1] http://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/wiki/WikiProcessors
[2] http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/ProcessorBazaar
[3] http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/ProcessorBazaar#docbook
[4] http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/ProcessorBazaar#graphviz
[5] http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/ProcessorBazaar#latex-math

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