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Matias Capeletto
Hello Boosters,

We have a new resource at IBD: a section in the project Wiki called
"Helping Boost Authors".


This section is a bazaar of friendly hands. We are teachers,
experience users, native English speakers and artists. We want to
offer our help to Boost authors to improve their documentation.

  * How to get helped

        Just send an email to the boost-docs list with your request.
        We will do our best to help you.

  * How to help

        Add yourself as a proofreader, a translator or in the general section
        if you have others ideas that Boost authors may find useful.

The main objective of this new resource is to act as the main
connection between Boost authors and some of IBD folks that are eager
to help them. We hope this will make healthier the relation between
Boost authors and our project. Authors will get helped, and have more
time to improve and add new features to their libraries. We will get
in touch with you and hopefully learn enough to become a boost author
someday. It is a win-win situation.

We hope we can make Boost authors life more enjoyable with regards to

Eagerly waiting to help somebody,
King regards

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