I can't get signals library statically linked

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I can't get signals library statically linked

Marco Cecchetti-2

I've the following problem:
I'm using in a program the boost signals library.
I compile and link the program with the command below:
"g++ -static -o sig.exe -g2 -O0 -I<path to boost include files> -L<path to  
boost libs> main.cpp -lboost_signals-mgw-d"
and I've put the line : "#define BOOST_SIGNALS_STATIC_LINK" in my source  
I'm under the windows platform and I'm using mingw (gcc 3.4.2) and boost  
1.33.1 .
The program compiles and links without any error but when I try to run it  
a dialog window says to me
that the application has failed to start because  
"boost_signals-mgw-1_33_1.dll" was not found.
It seems that the signal library is not linked statically but I don't  
succeed in figuring out the reason of this behavior. If I add to the PATH  
variable the path to the boost libs the program runs properly but I need  
to get the signal library statically linked, so some help will be very  

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