How to build shared boost with clang-win?

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How to build shared boost with clang-win?

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Windows 7
VSS2017 (1911)

./bootstrap.bat  (works)

./b2 -d+2 -q toolset=clang-win runtime-link=shared link=shared
cxxflags='/std:c++14 /EHsc /MD' address-model=64 threading=multi
variant=release -s NO_COMPRESSION=1 --layout=system --abbreviate-paths
-j1 --without-python --without-mpi --without-log --without-math  stage

fails at

     "clang++"   -o
-Wl,-soname -Wl,boost_atomic.dll -shared -Wl,--start-group
-Wl,-Bstatic  -Wl,-Bdynamic  -Wl,--end-group -m64 -pthread

It looks like clang-win is trying to use clang++ to link?  Should it no
use clang-cl?

Thanks....John Cary

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