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Hammer - Boost.Build v2 C++ clone

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Hi, All.

I just released Hammer v0.3.0 - a build tools based on Boost.Build v2
ideas but written completely in C++. The syntax and semantic is almost
the same, with minor differences. So one familiar with BBv2 quickly
understand what is going on. It still lacks a good documentation but 72
hammerized (as I call it :) ) boost libraries and batch of tests can
shed a light.

The repository lives at Github: https://github.com/darkangel-ua/hammer.
You will find binaries there for linux x32/x64 & win32 and Readme to
help you start.

P.S. There are probably a ton of bugs and you may not even be able to
setup/compile simple examples (despite the fact I use it more then 7
years in my work), but I will be grateful if you try.

I'm cross-posting to boost.devel because it much broader auditory also
saw BBv2 in a action or use it on daily basis.


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