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Grepping for error messages

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Boost.Build has functionality to detect that compilation fails. I wonder
if there's a way to catch compiler output in this case and grep for a
particular expression?

For example, I have something like

    alias "drop_view" :
        [ run drop_pass.cpp ]
        [ compile-fail drop_fail_1.cpp ]
        [ compile-fail drop_fail_2.cpp ]

in my Jamfile. What I really want is something like

    alias "drop_view" :
        [ run drop_pass.cpp ]
        [ compile-fail-grep "static assertion failed: There exists ..."
                            drop_fail_1.cpp ]
        [ compile-fail-grep "static assertion failed: Function ..."
                            drop_fail_2.cpp ]

so that I know compilation failed triggering static_assert I intended it
to trigger. What would be the simplest way to achieve the above?

Thanks in advance!

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