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I am cross-posting this on the dev mailing list as I would like to know
how to fix this before the 1.73 deadline.

Thanks and sorry for cross-posting,

-------- Forwarded Message from the test gmane group


On some teeks workers, I have this strange issue:

The error says:

.../libs/test/test/framework-ts/log-formatter-test.cpp(117): error: in
"test_logs": check output.match_pattern(true) has failed: Pattern file
can't be opened!

which means some files used for testing, such as
test/test/baseline-outputs/log-formatter-test.pattern , are not found.

Those files are advertised in the Jamfile,

I guess it would be a hard error on b2 if the files were not found.

What should I do such that those workers find the test files? I recently
added one file to the previous 2 existing files.


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