Forced build of a sub project before any other sub project

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Forced build of a sub project before any other sub project

J. van der Wulp
Hello everyone,

I've thought up another construction that I would like to express into Boost
build. I think there must be an easy solution, But I need to be pointed in
the right direction.

I have a project that contains of a couple of sub projects. One of these sub
projects contains utility tools that I want to use during the build process of
any of the other sub projects. Initially these tools need to be build. But if
someone wants to do a build starting from some other sub project these tools
also need to be bootstrapped first. So far, the tools are used for setting
constants/variables that are used in defines, so they do not actually contribute
to building.

I was searching for an solution in the project-root.jam file, and not
distributed over the jam files of all sub projects. I tried using UPDATE but
that does not quite work as expected. I also looked into the make rule, but I
did not see a way how it could help. So far what I have been searching for is a
way to trigger the build of a sub project immediately at some point in

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards,

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