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Expansion of Boost.Algorithm

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Greetings to all!

I am planning to expand Boost.Algorithm by including more of general
purpose algorithms to it. But since I don't know the future roadmap of the
module, I cannot suggest changes right now. Also I have couple of
algorithms in my mind that I think would be great if they are part of Boost
but I don't know if Boost.Algorithm is the right place to include them.
So I was wondering if anyone is willing to mentor me (as in review my work
and suggest changes before merging) and we could discuss what we could
include in Boost.Algorithm or appropriate module to include them.

Brief about myself:- I am junior year college student and I have some
experience working in open-source. I haven't contributed to Boost before
but have used Boost libraries in day to day life.

Thank you!!

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