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Errors in test matrix

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[I'm not entirely sure this is the right place for the report. Please let me know if it isn't, and where to post instead.]

On, I'm looking at failures in the "Sandia" columns. Following one link takes me to, which demonstrates a couple of issues:

* What compiler version is this using ? The URL contains both "5.4.0" as well as "4.4.7".

* The actual error reads "unrecognized command line option -std=c++11". Given that Boost.uBLAS itself doesn't specify this flag, I assume it's part of the test runner's configurations. However, it seems to be used with a compiler version that doesn't support it (though again, it isn't clear which compiler version we are actually talking about).

Unfortunately there are quite a large number of columns with similarly generic errors, i.e. errors more likely to be caused by invalid set ups, rather than genuine errors in the library (libraries, as I'm seeing similar errors in other libraries).

What can I do about this ? Ignore the errors ? It would be good if the metainfo that is displayed with the test runners included a point of contact (mail address ?) to report such errors.



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