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I’m trying to enable some automated testing of Boost libraries.

In the past I’ve invoked b2 in the status directory, but would like to move to using

With python 2.7.12  and git 2.7.4 on Ubuntu


python --runner test_it_all --toolset=gcc --tag=develop


File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 286, in __init__


  File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 623, in main


  File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 577, in command_regression


  File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 295, in command_cleanup


  File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 875, in git_source_checkout

    self.git_checkout(git_info['boost'], self.git_branch(), clean)

  File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 846, in git_checkout

    self.git_command( 'submodule foreach', 'git submodule deinit .')

 File "/doc/boost/test/boost_regression_src/", line 834, in git_command

    raise Exception( 'GIT command "%s" failed with code %d' % (git_cli, rc) )

Exception: GIT command "git submodule foreach "git submodule deinit ."" failed with code 256


Any suggestions on how to resolve this ?


Brian Kuhl

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