[Dll] e0077 with BOOST_DLL_ALIAS

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[Dll] e0077 with BOOST_DLL_ALIAS

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I’m getting the following error when using BOOST_DLL_ALIAS to export a function to create a plugin using visual studio 2019 and boost 1.71.


This isn’t new, just the first time I’ve noticed it.


E0077    this declaration has no storage class or type specifier


I’ve cross-checked this with the example (specifically tutorial 2) to ensure that it wasn’t just me.

For reference, the offending line in the my_plugin_aggregator.cpp file is:


    my_namespace::my_plugin_aggregator::create, // <-- this function is exported with...

    create_plugin                               // <-- ...this alias name



Other than suppressing this specific error, is there any other work around given I’m compiling with treat warnings as errors enabled?


Any help appreciated as always.




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