Difficulties with install-source-root on Windows

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Difficulties with install-source-root on Windows

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I'm trying to use install-source-root described here -
http://www.boost.org/build/doc/html/bbv2/tasks/installing.html, but b2
fails while creating directory "F:\i\..\F:\o".

Here is my Jamroot:

import common ;
path-constant INSTALL_TO : [ modules.peek : INSTALL_TO ] ;
project test1 ;
make a/b/c : d/e/f : @common.copy ;
install files : a/b/c : <location>$(INSTALL_TO) <install-source-root>a ;

Command line:

b2.exe -sBOOST_ROOT=%the_boost% -sINSTALL_TO=F:\i --build-dir=F:\o


copy F:\o\test1\clang-vc14-gnu-linux-6.0\debug\a\b\c
        1 file(s) copied.
common.mkdir F:\i
common.mkdir F:\i\..\F:\o
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

        if not exist "F:\i\..\F:\o\\" mkdir "F:\i\..\F:\o"

Any clue how to solve this?

Here is archive to play with:

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