Develop branch test runners crashing

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Develop branch test runners crashing

Tom Kent
Sometime between 22:30 and 03:30 last night (pacific time) all the develop tests started crashing on windows and linux. 

The tail of results/bjam.log is:

notice: iostreams: not using bzip2 compression 
notice: iostreams: not using bzip2 compression 
..\libs\test\test\Jamfile.v2:59: in docs-example-as-test
*** argument error
* rule boost.test-self-test ( test-rule : test-suite : test-name : usage-variant ? : pattern_file * : source_files * : extra-libs ? : extra-options ? )
* called with: (  : ../doc/examples :  : included :  : /D:/t08/run/boost_root/libs/test/doc/examples/ )
* missing argument test-rule
..\libs\test\test\Jamfile.v2:18:see definition of rule 'boost.test-self-test' being called
(builtin): in sequence.transform
..\libs\test\test\Jamfile.v2:162: in modules.load
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\project.jam:325: in load-jamfile
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\project.jam:64: in load
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\project.jam:145: in project.find
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\targets.jam:452: in find-really
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\targets.jam:474: in find
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\targets.jam:305: in targets-to-build
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src/build\targets.jam:270: in [hidden email]
D:/t08/run/boost_bb/src\build-system.jam:707: in load
D:\t08\run\boost_bb\src/kernel\modules.jam:295: in import
D:\t08\run\boost_bb\src/kernel/bootstrap.jam:139: in boost-build
D:\t08\run\boost_root\boost-build.jam:17: in module scope

Any thoughts?

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