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Debugging into .ipp files

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Hello boost users and gurus,

I built boost 1.56 and client code both with -g option.

When I try to debug the code, the TUI mode in GDB just wont let me navigate inside the .ipp files of boost libraries.

This is a real hassle and as a work around, I generated a preprocessed output file from gcc option -E and renamed it as New.cpp file.

This renamed New.cpp will have all of the template instantiations (the ones I was trying to navigate in .ipp file) of a particular boost library (e.g. serialization) embedded in it.

I then compiled this New.cpp using -g and debugged it to see some miracle.

But it still just doesn't navigate to places (template instantiations that are embedded inside New.cpp) .

As such I am in dire need to find a way to debug these .ipp files. I hope I have made my intent clear over here.

How do I debug into .ipp files using gdb ?


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