[DateTime] localtime_r() issue

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[DateTime] localtime_r() issue

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I'm trying to build a project that uses Boost.Log (which in turn uses
Date_Time) from Boost 1.65.1 on a platform that uses Clang with
(apparently) Dinkumware for a standard library implementation.

Compilation fails in date_time/c_time.hpp on line 67 due to a use of
undeclared identifier 'localtime_r'.  The standard library
implementation indeed doesn't seem to have localtime_r(), just

Compilation of the failing code in c_time.hpp is enabled by the
been #define'd which happens in date_time/compiler_config.hpp based on
BOOST_HAS_THREADS being #define'd and a bunch of compiler checks that
probably don't get it quite right.

Could someone give me some advice how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance!

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