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Jason Roelofs

For the past few months I've been slowly developing a Ogre.rb (, a SWIG wrapper around the Ogre rendering engine (, and now I've run into the same brick wall as many others: nested classes. I've spent some time looking through SWIG to see what it would take to add this feature, but it's going to require rewriting of nigh a quarter of the library. I come here today because I really love the idea of this library. I see the success of Boost.Python and luabind and I want to help build the same for Ruby, but just trying to port these other two into Ruby seems like a waste of time.

So my question is such: What is the current state of the library? I've got the code and it compiles, but it doesn't look like there's much more than a beginning API skeleton. I've read as much as I believe is available about this project, but nothing really has any sort of outline nor a detailed look at how to proceed with this.

I'd like to offer my help in development; is there any recommended point to begin at? Are there any more documents floating around that will help me understand where you guys want to go with this (I am slowly digesting the Boost.Python documentation and code as well)?



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