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Crossbuilding for ARM

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I’m trying to build for ARM, and have some problems in making b2 find user-config.jam when it’s located outside boost root dir.


First I go to boost/tools/build and run

./b2 install –prefix=/home/administrator/project/myproj/build/boost


Then I run

./b2 toolset=gcc-arm --build-dir=/home/administrator/project/myproj/build/boost stage


According to Boost.Build will search $HOME and $BOOST_BUILD_PATH, but if I add --debug-configuration to b2 command then I can see that it searches


'/home/administrator' = $HOME










Where none of the directories searched is the one I’ve provided as buid directory.


It seems odd that $BOOST_BUILD_PATH should be “the one in the top-level directory of your Boost.Build installation” since describes --build-dir as “the build directories for all project roots being built”.


It seems like the documentation isn’t correct. I’m just not sure which one is right and which is wrong.


Has anyone crossbuilt for ARM on Linux?




Mats Webjörn


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