Compile Error spirit.x3 after update

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Compile Error spirit.x3 after update

Klemens Morgenstern

I've got a strange error after upgrading my spirit.x3 version, you can
see the code and error here:

Sorry that I don't have a simpler example, but many of my simpler rules
are affected by that (but they use many others, so it's not a simple

Basically, I get an errror like this: no type named 'type' in 'struct
/*a long list of types */>, void>'

This affects most of my rules, which is quite problematic; I've tried it
with the newest commit on the develop and master branch, they all give
the same error. If I check out
"d5a11a415620869ec8c883aa52e984e60dd27e99" it works, though I'm not sure
if this is the one causing the error.

I hope that wasn't asked before, because it seems quite strange, that
only I get this problem.



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