Compile Boost 1.64 on ARM64

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Compile Boost 1.64 on ARM64

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I'm trying to compile boost on my 64 ARM machine.
In order to compile I ran this command ./ && ./b2.
When I'm looking at the output of the b2 program, I noticed that it does not recognize my machine as ARM architecture: 

Performing configuration checks

    - 32-bit                   : no  (cached)
    - 64-bit                   : yes (cached)
    - arm                      : no  (cached)
    - mips1                    : no  (cached)
    - power                    : no  (cached)
    - sparc                    : no  (cached)
    - x86                      : yes (cached)

How can I enforce boost to compile as ARM64 architecture?

Thank you,


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