C++ project suggestion for Google summer of code (summer, 2019 )

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C++ project suggestion for Google summer of code (summer, 2019 )

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Dear boost ,

My name is Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed. I ‘m an Egyptian second year electrical
engineering student (this is my third year but in Egypt we count
0,1,2,3,4). This my first time ever getting involved in open source.
Nevertheless, I am eager to contribute to the vast open source community .
I would love to create a C++ library under your supervision and guiding in
the next Google summer of code (summer,2019). The attached document is an
overview of the library, it is not a proposal with a time line but it
answers questions regarding:

How is this library going to benefit the open source community?

What facilities will be provided by that library?

What kind of libraries can be built by fellow programmers using this

How can this library be extended in the future, whether by me or others?

Thank you for your time .


Advanced mathematics for engineering applications

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