Building Boost.Python for a custom Python installation

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Building Boost.Python for a custom Python installation

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I have a build of Python I made that was installed (--prefix) at ~/python-3.5.2-asan/. I want to build Boost.Python against it. I have Boost 1.70.0.

I have tried a variety of permutations of passing various --with-python options and such to both bootstrap and b2 with no success. Perhaps the closest I've gotten is

./ --prefix=$HOME/boost-1.70.0/ --with-python=$HOME/python-3.5.2-asan/bin/python3.5 python-debugging=on

./b2 --with-python python-debugging=on -d+2  -j8 cxxflags=-fsanitize=address cflags=-fsanitize=address

but with those commands compilation fails because it is looking for include files in ...../include/python3.5/ instead of ..../include/python3.5dm

While I'm at it, I had to add cflags and cxxflags explicitly instead of doing what some documentation [1] said to, because:

./b2 --with-python python-debugging=on -d+2  -j8 address-sanitizer=1
/home/evan/Downloads/boost_1_70_0/tools/build/src/build/feature.jam:327: in validate-feature from module feature
error: unknown feature "<address-sanitizer>"


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