Bugs in regression/library_status.cpp on Windows

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Bugs in regression/library_status.cpp on Windows

Robert Kawulak-3

I've stumbled upon several bugs in tools/regression/src/library_status.cpp
when compiling on Windows with gcc 4.5 and msvc 10.0. I'm attaching a patch
file with all necessary fixes. The bugs are:

- using path::native() instead of path::string() - the former is wstring on
- calling path::string() twice to obtain begin() and end() iterators - on
Windows path::string() returns a temporary, so the iterators point to
different objects,
- using whole path for each node in build_node_tree() instead of only the
directory name,
- using whole path instead of only the test name in do_table_body(),
- the link to links file is relative to test directory, not to the results
output directory,
- generation of closing "</a>" without opening "<a>".

Best regards,

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library_status.patch (2K) Download Attachment