Boost release 1.40.0 is available

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Boost release 1.40.0 is available

Marshall Clow-2
Boost release 1.40.0 is available from SourceForge:

As always, the .7z and .zip files have Windows line endings,
while the .bz2 and .gz files have POSIX line endings. Please
download a file that has line endings appropriate for your platform.

There are no new libraries in this release, but lots of libraries
have been updated and had bugs fixed, including:

    * Accumulators
    * Asio
    * Circular Buffer
    * Filesystem
    * Foreach
    * Function
    * Fusion
    * Hash
    * Interprocess
    * Intrusive
    * MPL
    * Program Options
    * Proto
    * Python
    * Serialization
    * Unordered
    * Xpressive


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