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Boost and CPAN and CodeProject

From: "Eric Niebler" <[hidden email]>
> evening, and he asked why C++ didn't have the equivalent of Perl's CPAN
> -- that is, a huge repository of useful code to which anybody can
> submit. No releases. No quality assurance. No reviews. Survival of the
> fittest. Here's a wacky thought: can we turn boost-sandbox into CBAN
> (the Comprehensive Boost Archive Network), and cherry-pick the best
> libraries from CBAN for inclusion in boost? If anybody could make
> something like this fly, it's boost. We'd need to look closely at the
> CPAN model to find out why it's successful.

Something this boost newbie would find valuable would be the equivalent of (or a Boost section within codeproject ... there is a
section for STL).

This might be yet another repository for code examples and "best practices"
that are "peer reviewed" ... and there is certainly as element of "survival
of the fittest".

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