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Boost::Python Reference Counting

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I'm having issues with Boost::Python objects that contain a reference to a c++ object:

--- C++ code ----

#include <boost/python.hpp>

struct Container;

struct Element
    Element(const Container * c) : _container(c) { }
    std::string name() const;
    const Container * _container;

struct Container
    Container(const std::string & s) : _string(s) { }
    Element getElement()
        return Element(this);
    std::string name() const
        return this->_string;
    std::string _string;

std::string Element::name() const
    return _container->name();

using namespace boost::python;

    class_<Element>("Element", no_init)
        .def("name", &Element::name)

    class_<Container>("Container", init<std::string>())
        .def("getElement", &Container::getElement)
--- Python Code ----------------------
container = test.Container("X")
elem = container.getElement()

When calling, it will reference the "container" object, which has been deleted, and I'm getting a segfault.

How can I make boost::python increment the reference counter of Container when an element containing a pointer to the Container is returned?