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Glen Fernandes
Dear Boost community,

The formal review of Louis Dionne's Hana library begins today,10th June
and ends on 24th June.

Hana is a header-only library for C++ metaprogramming that provides
facilities for computations on both types and values. It provides a
superset of the functionality provided by Boost.MPL and Boost.Fusion
but with more expressiveness, faster compilation times, and faster (or
equal) run times.

To dive right in to examples, please see the Quick start section of the
library's documentation:

Hana makes use of C++14 language features and thus requires a C++14
conforming compiler. It is recommended you evaluate it with clang 3.5 or

Hana's source code is available on Github:

Full documentation is also viewable on Github:

To read the documentation offline:
git clone http://github.com/ldionne/hana --branch=gh-pages doc/gh-pages

For a gentle introduction to Hana, please see:
1. C++Now 2015:
   http://ldionne.github.io/hana-cppnow-2015 (slides)
2. C++Con 2014:
   https://youtu.be/L2SktfaJPuU (video)
   http://ldionne.github.io/hana-cppcon-2014 (slides)

We encourage your participation in this review. At a minimum, kindly
- Whether you believe the library should be accepted into Boost
  * Conditions for acceptance
- Your name
- Your knowledge of the problem domain.

You are strongly encouraged to also provide additional information:
- What is your evaluation of the library's:
  * Design
  * Implementation
  * Documentation
  * Tests
  * Usefulness
- Did you attempt to use the library? If so:
  * Which compiler(s)
  * What was the experience? Any problems?
- How much effort did you put into your evaluation of the review?

We await your feedback!

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