[Boost Graph Dijkstra Shortest Path]: Could not deduce template argument

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[Boost Graph Dijkstra Shortest Path]: Could not deduce template argument

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Hello all,


I use boost graph library for some point cloud processing and have had great success. However, I’m struggling to compile Dijkstra shorted path on MSVC v140. I am using boost library 1.53 and compiling in 64 bit.


I used the example as a starting point but when I try to compile I get the error:


Error      C2784    'E boost::detail::get(boost::detail::underlying_edge_desc_map_type<E>,const boost::detail::reverse_graph_edge_descriptor<EdgeDesc> &)': could not deduce template argument for 'boost::detail::underlying_edge_desc_map_type<E>' from 'double *'   


I understand the fundamental problem that the template can’t deduce type, however I’m struggling to source the problem.


My graph type is:


typedef adjacency_list < vecS, vecS, undirectedS, no_property, property <edge_weight_t, double> > WeightedGraph;


Because I’m using MSVC I use the suggested non parameter name version:


property_map<WeightedGraph, vertex_index_t>::type indexmap = get(vertex_index, GraphW);

property_map<WeightedGraph, edge_weight_t>::type weightmap;

std::vector<Vertex> p(num_vertices(GraphW));

std::vector<double> d(num_vertices(GraphW));

Vertex s = vertex(indices.first, GraphW);

Vertex s_end = vertex(indices.second, GraphW);


                           (GraphW, s, &p[0], &d[0], weightmap, indexmap,

                           std::less<double>(), closed_plus<double>(),

                           (double)(std::numeric_limits<double>::max)(), (double)0,




I’m using a custom visitor to stop processing early as in this stackoverflow post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32047840/make-boost-dijkstra-algorithm-stop-when-it-reaches-a-destination-node


Any ideas? All help greatly appreciated.


Simon C

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