Boost.DisjointSets and Boost.Container

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Boost.DisjointSets and Boost.Container

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Currently the disjoint_sets repository ( holds a single class in
"boost/pending" that is only used by the graph and graph_parallel projects
(that I can tell...).  I'd like us to consider taking disjoint_sets out of
pending state and make it official as part of Boost Containers.  Both Graph
and GraphParallel require linking already, and they may already use
Boost.Containers (I haven't checked).  disjoint_sets is header-only however
and this might cause problems for anyone relying on it, however since it's
in boost/pending, I wonder if anyone is actually using it.  Given the
pending designation on it however, a breaking change seems reasonable to
me.  It will reduce the burden on the CMT, and container has at least some
CI on it already.


- Jim

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