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David Abrahams

 Save the Date: May 14-18, 2007

We're pleased to issue this pre-announcement of the first annual Boost
Conference, BoostCon 2007.  

The conference will take place in Aspen, Colorado, May 14-18. This
promises to be the main face-to-face event for all things Boost, from
from using Boost libraries to writing them, from evangelizing Boost to
deployment within your organization, from infrastructure and process
to vision and mission, and from TR1 to TR2. Given the range and
interests of the participants, this event promises to be intense and

Due to the breadth of our community, the conference will be organized
into two primary tracks: one directed mostly at hard-core Boost
developers, and the other focused on the practical interests of Boost
end-users.  In the spirit of Boost, however, the conference will be
planned to foster collaboration and interaction both within *and*
across these tracks, with an emphasis on hands-on, participatory

More details, including a call for session proposals, will be
forthcoming in the next few weeks.  Enrollment for this event will be
limited, so we're issuing this notice to the Boost community well in

In the meantime, we have set up a page on the Boost Wiki where we're
doing an informal, preliminary survey of interest
If you want to be a part of the inaugural BoostCon and are likely to
attend, we'd appreciate it if you'd add yourself (or an alias) to the
list there, to help us with event planning.


The BoostCon 2007 Organizers

David Abrahams          Beman Dawes             Jeff Garland
Kevlin Henney           Scott Meyers            Eric Niebler
Sean Parent             Rene Rivera             Jeremy Siek
Matthias Troyer
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