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Boost.Align review results

Ahmed Charles-2
The review of the proposed Boost.Align library ended on April 20, 2014. The result is: Accepted with conditions.

Glen and I would like to thank everyone for contributing to the review for Boost.Align. either with a review or comments in the discussions.

The summary of formal votes is as follows (alphabetical order):
Andrey Semashev - Yes (conditional)
Antony Polukhin - Yes (conditional)
Bjorn Reese     - Yes
Lars Viklund    - Yes
Michael Spencer - Yes
For a total of 5 votes for acceptance and 0 votes for rejection.
The conditional acceptance is based on the quality of documentation, as the feedback given on code and design has already been addressed. The conditions below are agreeable to the author:

1. QuickBook documentation should be used, following typical Boost documentation structure.
2. Additional examples should be used to make the understanding/use of the library easier.
3. Additional minor comments from the reviews should be addressed.

I would like to thank Glen for making this an easy first review manager experience and I look forward to reviewing other libraries in the future.
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