Boost 64bit in Embarcadero C++ Builder

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Boost 64bit in Embarcadero C++ Builder

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Hi folks,


we are testing the Boost.Test-Framework (installed with GetIt-Package Boost).

We use C++ Builder 10.4.1 with Boost 1.70.0.


We have created a new C++ Console-Application (with VCL enabled).

Under Project->Options we have set ‘_TCHAR as char’, because Boost.Test seems to need this mapping. It is not working with ‘ _TCHAR as wchar_t


The application main-entry-function is imported via #include <boost/test/included/unit_test.hpp>.


The application then is run with the params : --log_level=all --report_level=detailed --build_info=true


The console-output seems to be fuzzy :

  1. Why is the platform win32? We use target-platform win64 and have installed boost 64bit via getit…
  2. Paths are outputted with ‘\’ and ‘/’
  3. The fatal-error is correct but the consoleoutput ‘St9exception’ seems not correctly interpreted (charset ?)


Are we doing something wrong or do you have some tipps regarding this ?

Thx a lot.


This is the console-output :




Kind regards,

Michael Morelli


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