Boost 1.69 on Fedora/PPC64LE: tests results

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Boost 1.69 on Fedora/PPC64LE: tests results

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I'm testing Boost v1.69 on Fedora 31 / PPC64LE , as explained at:

And I see many errors: 1 Failed test out of about 11 Run tests:

# cd status
# ../b2
Passed 101532 tests
Failed    10368 tests
  90.7% of tests completed sucsessefully

Passed 1188 tests
Failed 15 tests
  98.8% of tests completed sucsessefully

I do not know what I made wrong.
So, since I do not see any Fedora/PPC64LE machine in the BuildFarm:
I'd like to know where I could find the summary of the official tests of Boost 1.69 on Fedora/PPC64LE.


Tony Reix

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