Bi-Directional Links in call to Push-Relabel Max Flow (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Bi-Directional Links in call to Push-Relabel Max Flow (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Hello, I am new to the Boost Graph library and had a question concerning the Push-Relabel Max Flow method. From the documentation, it states:

The CapacityEdgeMap argument cap must map each edge in E to a positive number, and each edge in ET to 0.

From looking at the examples provided, it appears that an edge is added with some non-zero capacity and then the reverse edge is created with a capacity of 0 as the documentation states is needed. However, if I truly want a reverse edge with non-zero capacity, it appears that I have to create a second pair of edges going the other direction. I end up creating 4 total edges to handle the bi-directional flow capacity. Is that truly how the graph should be configured in order to use the method? Maybe I'm just not using it as designed.

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