[BGL] adjacency_list: OutEdgeList vs EdgeList

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[BGL] adjacency_list: OutEdgeList vs EdgeList

Johan Oudinet
I can't understand the difference between the OutEdgeList and EdgeList
adjacency_list parameters.

I think the documentation is unclear about EdgeList (especialy
http://www.boost.org/libs/graph/doc/using_adjacency_list.html which
has a section about "Choosing the Edgelist and VertexList" but only
OutEdgeList and VertexList are present in this section)

I need fast access to edge_properties from edge_descriptor. But I
couldn't find if OutEdgeList or EdgeList container is used for the
operator[] ?

I read that EdgeList doesn't exist in previous version of the BGL and
OutEdgeList was called EdgeList. So I suspect their are still mistakes
in the adjacency_list documentation.

Johan Oudinet

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