Announcement: Faber, a new build system based on bjam

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Announcement: Faber, a new build system based on bjam

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about a year ago I started to experiment with a new Python frontend for Boost.Build. After many iterations of prototyping things are starting to fall into place, and the project stabilizes.

I'm thus happy to announce the release of Faber version 0.2:



While Faber retains most of the features from Boost.Build, it is redesigned from the ground up. bjam is still used as scheduling engine, but everything else is written in Python. In particular, Jamfiles are replaced by fabscripts, which are essentially Python scripts. The project contains a range of examples to demonstrate various simple use-cases, from a simple "hello world" example to demos involving autoconf-style config checks, and unit testing.

I have added build logic to Boost.Python to use Faber on Travis-CI as well as AppVeyor, which also is a good litmus test for Faber's capabilities.

I'd be very interested in feedback as well as contributions. Perhaps it might become possible one day to integrate Faber with other efforts to add a Python frontend to Boost.Build.



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