[ASIO] Clarification regarding socket release on Windows

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[ASIO] Clarification regarding socket release on Windows

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The documentation (boost 1.67) of asio::basic_stream_socket::release() has
the following remark:

*This function is unsupported on Windows versions prior to Windows 8.1, and
will fail with boost::asio::error::operation_not_supported on these

This is in accordance with the compiler warning I get when building my
project (from asio basic_socket.hpp), and the runtime behavior: the native
socket ownership is indeed retained by asio. For the IOCP backend!

If I add the BOOST_ASIO_DISABLE_IOCP define to the build I still get the
warning, but the release() appears to be working: the ownership is released
and I can do whatever I want with the socket.

My question: does the above comment apply only to the IOCP backend and I
can use release() with the reactive socket service? Or it just happens to
be working in my current setup but it's not guaranteed for others (or it
leaks resources, etc...)?


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