ANN: The Astoria Seminar presents Extraordinary C++

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ANN: The Astoria Seminar presents Extraordinary C++

David Abrahams
                         The Astoria Seminar

                          Extraordinary C++


Walter Bright
Scott Meyers
Andrei Alexandrescu
Dave Abrahams
Eric Niebler

The Astoria Seminar presents Extraordinary C++, a seminar for advanced
C++ programming. The seminar will be held in Astoria, Oregon, from
September 23 to September 26.

Featuring a quintet of world-renowned experts in C++ software
development who have collectively authored half a dozen books, two
compilers, a handful of widely-used libraries, and over one hundred
articles, The Astoria Seminar focuses on advanced topics in the design
and implementation of systems using C++. The small size of the seminar
(only 55 people), the mix of lectures, discussions, group meals, and
outings, and last but not least the venue of picturesque Astoria,
Oregon, all are meant to contribute to a truly extraordinary event with
learning, fun, and direct interaction with top personalities in the field.

The small size of the event makes it imperative that you act fast (and
this is not salesspeak). We intentionally imposed a strict limit on the
number of attendees in order to ensure plenty of face time with the
speakers and to strike the right size for a great party.

To see more about the Extraordinary C++ program and for registration,
tune to:

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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